The Vivascene credo: “the more you love music, the more music there is to love.”

Vivascene is an online music magazine founded on these three principles:

1. We write about music, new and old, that we believe will continue to have lasting value to discerning music fans.

2. Duke Ellington said it first and he said it best: “there are only two types of music – good and bad”; therefore we don’t discriminate over genre, source or style.

3. We love the experience of live music and treasure accuracy of musical reproduction, knowing that good audio equipment doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Vivascene organization

Vivascene Inc. is a Canadian corporation (incorporated April 2010). We began online in September, 2010 as and as of February 1, 2014 changed our corporate name and website identity to Vivascene.

Our corporate and editorial offices are located at:

3201-193 Aquarius Mews, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 2Z2

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