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Rock, Pop & Folk | Vivascene - Part 2
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Rock, Pop & Folk

This Week In New Grooves: 03/14/14 

This Week In New Grooves: 03/14/14

Our specials this week include an appetizer of soul-infused hard jazz, a side of trip-hop flourished jazz, some decidedly non-jazz psych-folk for the main course and a dollop of Dublin cream for dessert.

This Week In New Grooves 03/07/14 

This Week In New Grooves 03/07/14

New and exciting stuff from the likes of Peter Buck, Morrissey, Nothing and a couple of great jazz outings from Vijay Iyer and Zara Macfarlane head up our weekly review.

First Steps: Sinéad O’Connor ‘The Lion and The Cobra’  Read more...

First Steps: Sinéad O'Connor 'The Lion and The Cobra'

Her look was as distinct in its brazen dismissal of conformity as Smith’s androgyny. One look into her face and it was evident that O’Connor was no vapid pop music Muppet; she had a trapped-animal ferocity that her male counterparts could not muster.

Beck ‘Morning Phase’ Album Review 

Beck 'Morning Phase' Album Review

Beck’s new album ‘Morning Phase’ is a keeper, though not quite the highlight of this young year that his rabid fans believe.

Top 10 Moments from Bruce Springsteen’s 2014 Tour 

Any hardcore Bruce Springsteen fan will tell you: every gig has the potential for surprise. His current tour is no exception.

Asaf Avidan ‘Different Pulses’ Album Review 

Asaf Avidan 'Different Pulses' Album Review

Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan’s debut album ‘Different Pulses’ is stirring, emotional and soulful. It might also be the best album you’ll ever hear.

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