vivoscene rating: 9.7

Stunningly beautiful, hypnotically compelling and surging with unexpected beauty only begin to describe the wondrously symphonic sonics of Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, the newest release from the Texas-based quartet Explosions In The Sky. This is their sixth studio album and it is destined to bring them a wider audience with all the passionate response that met their previous highly-acclaimed works.

There have been very few purely instrumental groups who have consistently displayed such poetic imaginations as EITS. Rock audiences for the most part favour beat-laden vocals that work within established genres and this music is anything but, relying more upon the pulsating universe for inspiration. The band’s name brings to creation itself and their current album seems more an organic whole than it does a series of separately conceived tracks.

Here’s what drummer Chris Hrasky told Clash Music recently in an exclusive interview:

“It’s interesting because we find it to be our strangest and more adventurous record than what we’ve done before,so I would say that it’s probably the least domesticated of our records.”

“We went about everything with this record in a very different way. It was written in a different way, recorded in a different way, there was a lot more stuff going on, there’s a lot more layers, structures of the songs are just a little bit different from what people have come to expect from us, and that was a big thing; we mostly wanted to surprise ourselves with it, and not just fall into the same pattern that maybe we’ve done or overdone so far.”

A superb but introspective performing band, Explosions In The Sky dares to offer up something highly unusual these days: prorgressive rock music that requires close attention, music that to some ears might be reserved for late-night reflections. But the reward for the listener is immeasurable. Three or four tunes in and you get what these guys are doing in the slow build to their tunes. It’s gotta be said – this stuff is highly sexualized and orgasmic in its intensity. And if you need some immediate gratification, start with Trembling Hands which comes on strong and doesn’t stop.

Standout tracks: Be Comfortable, Creature, Trembling Hands, and Postcard from 1952. Not that we have a clue what the hell the titles mean. Doesn’t matter. Six tracks and forty-five minutes of absolutely glorious music of the highest order.

Explosions In The Sky will be heading up the Green Man Festival in Wales this August. If you’re at all available for the cosmic journey, better make some plans soon These guys will be sold out.

Extravagantly recommended.

Watch: Be Comfortable, Creature

Watch: Trembling Hands

Watch: Postcard from 1952