Factory of Dreams 'Melotronical' Music Review
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When metal music mates with the female operatic voice the result can either be a stunning success or a an ambitiously misconceived failure; in the case of supertalented multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores and his teaming up with Jessica Lehto in their third Factory of Dreams album Melotronical we have a lavish production of brainiacal emotion which is all the more glorious for its stated ambition: to dramatize the evolution of an electronic molecule into a living breathing entity, something that might well be viewed as classical crossover music with a new and daring twist.

factory-of-dreams-coverThis Portugese band plays a gothic, slightly metallic brand of neo-prog. Neither Flores nor Lehto are new to the music business, as Flores released his first album, a solo effort “Atlantis” in 2000, and then formed the band Sonic Pulsar which released two albums. Flores then created Project Creation, a band more in the prog-metal vein, and released two albums, part of a multi-album story arc, under this name.

Lehto began singing at the age of 15 and was inspired by such bands as The Gathering, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Blind Guardian. She has her own musical project called Once There Was.

The two joined forces to create Factory of Dreams in 2008, and released their first album that year, entitled Poles. The two released their second album A Strange Utopia in the autumn of 2009.

Their music is heavily layered, bombastic and as expansive as The Milky Way. Guitars, keyboards and operatic vocals give way to over-the-top production that might well be the saving grace of live opera, since no one much under 30 attends traditional opera with as much passion for it as metal fans have for their chosen art form. And make no mistake, there is great artistry in what Factory of Dreams does. Jessica Lehto is a passionate and accomplished singer who brings to this brilliantly crafted material a tantalizing and unforgettable voice. She’s been compared to that other metal symphonic mistress Tarja Tarnunen (formerly of Nightwish and now an acclaimed solo artist) and here Jessica comes out the victor.

Here are some sample lyrics from one of the strongest tracks Back To Sleep:

A crowded world
Hopeless and greedy
Actors playing a role
In this Dark City

A star among a trillion ones
And I see you everyday
In my hopes and dreams
And I wake up in a scream

I see you everyday
In my dreams so deep
But I can’t find the way
I just wanna go back to sleep
Back to Sleep

Chorus II
Oh how I wish
To hold you in my arms
How I wish
To stay with you
Oblivious to the world outside
Don’t let me go
Don’t let me fall
Into the Abyss
Keep me inside forever

I’m looking for you
Within the Constellation
I want you, need you
Save me from Desperation

Wanna show you a new World
Visit Galaxies afar
New Dimensions to behold
Jumping from Star to Star

I dreamt of your eyes
My fatal addiction
But I don’t know who you are
And I can’t seem to reach you

Don’t ever wake me my dear
I have chosen my place
Why can’t I make it real
Why can’t I make you stay
By my side

Standout tracks here are the opener Enter Nucleon, Back to Sleep, A Taste of Paradise and Dimension Crusher. Enticing track titles with explosively epic production qualities are the hallmarks of this release.

Highly recommended.

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