It's A Kinda Magic - The Queen Tribute Show - The Vivascene Review
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When the remaining half of the band Queen performs with Adam Lambert, this artist always reminds audiences he’s not out to replace Freddie. Neither does Giles Taylor, the frontman of the Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic, a show which recreates the experience from the band’s 1986 World Tour. Ever since this stage production started about 10 years ago, it’s become a staple enjoyed by fans and newcomers alike. Not everyone was able to hit those grandiose events back then. This show is back in Canada; they performed in Victoria BC on May 15th and will be headed East. Dates and locations are online at

Interestingly enough, this day is also when the first trailer for the biopic drama, Bohemian Rhapsody, dropped. Reactions were mixed about this treatment. While it is made to celebrate this group’s legacy, not all of the story will be there. A plot has to exist, and it’s not a focus on Freddie’s “backstage” life.

At least with this stage show, everyone knows what Freddie is all about. The requests for him to bare his chest came from both sexes and the crowd cheered. When compared to recent tours from 2014-5 and 17-18, the love remains strong. The performers are in the zone and Freddie (Giles) deftly works the crowd. No one can expect to hear a 100% authentic recreation of Mercury’s tonal range, but for “Somebody to Live.” it’s easy to time travel back with your mind to those moments when. These are the days of our life.

In this tour, planned or not, to see them — Richie Baker (as Brian May), Steven Dennett (John Deacon) and Kyle Thompson (Roger Taylor) along with Giles — come out after the finale and express their love of Queen’s music (breaking character) was a surprise. They added a few lesser known hits (“Delilah”). One day, I hope to hear their version of “Flash.” This tune included a mix of clips from the movie, and hopefully there won’t be a problem getting rebroadcast rights..

Those looking for a blast of the past will find it with standout songs, “I Want it All,” “You’re My Best Friend, ” and “7 Seas of Rhye.” From this setlist, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” was the most interactive. This rockabilly hit from The Game is best heard live.

This show is definitely recommended for the simple reason these stars give it their all. The reason behind why this show is A Kinda Magic is that this production casts a nearly perfect illusion. The only difference between this performance and the real deal is in the vocal range of how these songs are sung. This adjustment is to be expected, but I’m already feeling inclined to travel to Las Vegas just to keep my Queen fix sated come September. Roger Taylor, Brian May and Adam Lambert will soon be taking a month long residency at this casino capital and there are ten shows to choose from! Not to detract from other version, but I suspect a new setlist will be offered so those who have seen them last year can have a new experience to remember.