A Vivascene Feature Review by Hal Carlson

Vivascene rating 8.5

Too hot for radio, too cool ever to be forgotten. Live, P!nk is probably the most electrifying performer on the planet. Her new album The Truth About Love exudes strong language and stronger emotions. The avowed feminist declares “the truth about love is it’s all a lie”, tells her man to “blow me one last kiss”, and parades her desire for sex in ways that Madonna, Britney Spears, and anyone else you care to name just never quite had the nerve to declare in public. With production that veers dangerously and gratifyingly towards arena rock on just about every number, along with driving beats, fuck-you lyrics, and exuberant hooks reaching out to grab, subdue, and simultaneously excite the audience: well, what more could you want from pop music? This is her sixth studio album, and appears to be the one that will finally grant her the first rank of stardom she well deserves.

You can stream the entire album The Truth About Love here:

Here she works with several gifted producers who have also written for Britney Spears (Max Martin), Kelly Clarkson (Greg Kurstin) and Avril Lavigne (Butch Walker), in addition to her longtime collaborator Billy Mann and, for one song, an Eminem collaborator, DJ Khalil, featuring, of course, Eminem.

Key tracks: the title song (“I think you just may be perfect”), in which she approaches the technical prowess of Annie Lennox in both her dramatic approach and stunning vocals); the lead single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss), which is the perfect kiss-off song, and the two tracks that can be seen and heard in the vids below: “Slut Like You”, and “How Come You’re Not Here?” Another standout is the closer “Where Did The Beat Go?” with these affecting lines: “I was your concubine and then your madonna/You couldn’t see anything beyond your baby’s mama.”

Ah, men. When will they ever learn? Most of us could do no better than to hear and heed these cracking songs from P!nk.

Highly recommended.

Watch:”Slut Like You”

Watch: “How Come You’re Not Here?”

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