Chris Mayer and The Rockets ‘In One Room’ Album Release

Thanks to Hicktown Records for this press release

Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany, January 26, 2021

“We won’t change the world with our music – but we make it a little bit better“ – Chris Mayer and The Rockets always (normally) enter the stage under this motto. The four guys from Munich (Germany) Daniel Jaud, Basti Pilous, Wolfi Müller and Chris Mayer devote themselves to the Feelgood-Folk-Pop approach to recording and performing. Whoever listens to their music will think of the best episode of OC California, a road trip with a friend or a favourite high school movie from the late ’90s.

Pre-CMATR Chris Mayer has had quite a success as singer-songwriter. His songs were broadcast on a famous Bavarian radio show and he’s a gig veteran, inter alia at the well known Prinzenbar in Hamburg as support act for the American songwriter Nataly Dawn.

This Friday, 29th Jan. 2021, Chris Mayer and The Rockets are going to present their third single “It Happens For A Reason“, prior to releasing their debut album In One Room. It was recorded live at Hicktown Records®, so nothing of the authenticity of the songs has been lost in the process of making a record.

What makes the sound of The Rockets so special? All four musicians come from different music universes. While Basti feels at home in the Indie-Brit-Pop-World, Daniel influences the songs with his love for Blues-Rock. Wolfi inspires with his technical skills as experienced Prog-Metal-Drummer and Chris brings the handmade singer-songwriter-style into the band. Now and then you discover your own story in the songs. It’s authentic music, which arrives as a catchy tune and stays as a good feeling.