David Beck ‘Bloom & Fade’ Album Preview

Bloom & Fade mirrors an artistic mantra and spirit and honors the familial past with Texas singer-songwriter precision and a robust sonic palette.

Courtesy of Nashville IVPR ~ album release date September 30, 2022

Reflecting on his new preview track, “Red Tail,” noted bassist, songwriter, producer, and recording artist David Beck remembered the hardships of growing up and feeling like sort of an outcast given all of his curiosities and different tastes in music that just seemed to clash and never fit into place.

“All my life I have felt out of place,” Beck recalls. “Mostly musically. I love old country music, and I also have a deep obsession with 90’s hip hop. There are days when I only want to listen to The Misfits, days when it’s only Joni Mitchell. I have always wished that I like one thing, and make one kind of music. It seems life would be simple and I wouldn’t have to start over every time I had a new idea for a project. I know there is another side to the coin; diversity, which has unmatched power. This song is about the struggle of not fitting in. The struggle in finding yourself, and upon finding yourself coming to grips with the reality that sometimes, you’re just all over the place, and you know what, that’s okay.”

A cinematic sound fitted perfectly for a long drive, “Red Tail” follows the same loose formula as the rest of Beck’s upcoming album Bloom & Fade—out September 30th.  

While producing a track for his friend Ryan Quiet, Beck came up with some far out, hypothetical situations like “what if Dwight Yoakam did a record that was produced by The War On Drugs? What if Robert Earl Keen-like stories were seen through a Coldplay soundscape lens?” The end result drove Beck to take the same approach when getting his new album together. With those stylistic guidelines, Beck’s imagination and artistic creativity thrived. While Keen and Coldplay may seem like polar opposites of the musical spectrum, finding the connective tissue between those two worlds gave Beck additional perspective for Bloom & Fade’s pensive, visceral reflective nature.  

Today, Under The Radar premiered “Red Tail,” saying, “‘Red Tail’ expands on Beck’s layered and evocative vision of rock, roots music, and alt country, acting as the record’s soaring closing track. The song is one of Beck’s most sweeping efforts yet, stretching out over six minutes and conjuring an intoxicating blend of delicately shimmering guitars and propulsive drumming. The verses bring forth a tense driving energy, but with the chorus the track takes flight, launched into euphoric new heights.”

Fans can hear “Red Tail” now at this link, check out the previously-released “Miner’s Song,” “Crooked Talk,” and pre-order or pre-save Bloom & Fade ahead of its September 30th release at this link. A list of Beck’s upcoming tour dates can be found below and at davidbeckdavidbeck.com.  

More About Bloom & Fade: While previous solo efforts, Good Nature and Tascam, Vol. 1 & 2, embraced a lo-fi temper and tone, Bloom & Fade is a cascade of vibrant, crisp, and warm sonic hues and tones that channel central Texas meadows wet with morning dew, bouquets of Hill Country wildflowers, the low hum of city streets, and the ambient splendor of being beneath a cloudless starlit sky. “This record, I had a very clear goal,” says Beck. “There were some discoveries along the way, but I wanted to make the best-recorded album that I could at a high fidelity studio. I’ve always messed around with the format, but I wanted to do one without any restrictions.”   

Songs such as the cosmic whirling Willie Nelson drifter “The Plan” and the Lord Huron-esque “Ballad of a Dreamer” are prime examples of Beck’s plainspoken storytelling that gently unfolds like the opening of old scrapbooks and photo albums. Memories flood the senses as Beck narrates burgeoning love stories of yesterday. His characters evoke a hearty realism, undoubtedly mirroring their real-life counterparts. “I think there are really beautiful stories all around us,” says Beck. “A lot of these songs are about my family. There are these beautiful stories that I’d never really honored. I sort of felt I was always writing about little flash in the pan ideas so I sort of was going back and looking at family.”   

Bloom & Fade plays out like a patchwork quilt where each scrap of fabric is another story inspired by cherished love tales, heart-worn narratives, familiar helping hands, and words of wisdom passed down from one generation to the next. Nestled within, Beck melds contemplative, self-discovery, and the occasional Hill Country haiku for splendid moments that stimulate and reassure.   

Catch David Beck On Tour: Sept. 9 – La Grange, TX – Bugle Boy Sept. 10 – Austin, TX – Saxon Pub Sept. 13 – San Marcos, TX – The Porch Sept. 14 – Corpus Christi, TX – House of Rock Sept. 16 – Houston, TX – Armadillo Palace Oct. 7 – Austin, TX – Sagebrush (album release show)  

More About David Beck: Throughout his illustrious career, artist David Beck has been a daydreamer. Reared in the Texas Hill Country, Beck was raised by a musical family who continuously encouraged and reassured his fearless pursuit of creativity as a songwriter, noted bass player, and emerging producer. From his days as co-frontman of the dynamic and electrifying alt-country outfit Sons of Fathers to his Tex-Mex border-blending Tejano crew David Beck’s Tejano Weekend, Beck’s diverse range and imaginative style have been prevailing characteristics. A gifted storyteller, Beck’s introspective lyrics and infectious melodies feel right at home on a burgeoning San Antonio boardwalk as they do a crowded honky tonk night, or riveting summer festival stage.   

Over the past decade, the multifaceted Beck has repeatedly delivered albums that have been praised by critics and a devout fanbase. Armed with a bold, organic, and rootsy brand of Americana music, Sons of Fathers saw Beck and company play at renowned establishments such as The Grand Ole Opry, Gruene Hall, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits. David Beck’s Tejano Weekend has garnered approval from acclaimed legends such as David Lee Garza for their authenticity and sincerity.

As a budding producer and engineer, the Tall Texan has worked with the likes of Eric Burton of Black Pumas, The Droptines, and Pake Rossi. His latest solo effort, the cosmic storyteller Bloom & Fade, mirrors his artistic mantra and spirit and honors the familial past with Texas singer-songwriter precision and a robust sonic palette that shimmers and radiates. 
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