LA Jazz Venue Sam First Launches Sam First Records

New Albums by Pianists Justin Kauflin ( at left) and Josh Nelson, and Drummer Joe La Barbera Are Available Today on Vinyl and Digital Platforms

Pianist Rachel Eckroth’s Humanoid  Will be Available in October and Jeff Babko, Tim Lefebvre and Mark Guiliana’s Clam City Will Follow in November

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Since opening in 2017, Sam First has become Los Angeles’ leading jazz club for world-class modern, eclectic, and straight-ahead jazz in an intimate setting, and all within walking distance of Los Angeles International Airport. 

“The largely original music at Sam First is performed at such a high level to an intimate crowd on a nightly basis that we decided to record select live performances, capturing them with great acoustic quality, and to distribute them to a larger audience,” says Paul Solomon owner of Sam First, and grandson of the club’s namesake. “And the jazz scene in LA overall is so strong now that it just seems right to record it for posterity” adds Solomon.

With the guidance of some of LA’s top audio engineers, Sam First artistic director David Robaire set about outfitting Sam First with state-of-the-art analog to digital recording gear and began documenting the current, thriving LA jazz scene. Sam First Records, the result of Solomon and Robaire’s collaboration, is the new home for high fidelity recordings of select live performances at Sam First. These shows are by artists whose music embodies the grounded and progressive musicality as well as the vibe and spirit of jazz and Sam First.

Sam First Records is featuring new 180-gram vinyl albums by pianists Justin Kauflin and Josh Nelson and will release the next album with legendary drummer Joe La Barbera today. Pianist Rachel Eckroth‘s Humanoid will be available in October and Jeff BabkoTim Lefebvre and Mark Guiliana’s Clam City will follow in November.

Sam First Records is powered by ArtistShare. The label has adapted ArtistShare’s “fan-funding” platform in which Sam First is able to provide fans and super fans alike with the opportunity to join its projects through experience-based sales offers. These offers range from high-res digital download of the project audio and 180-gram vinyl LPs to a private lesson with the artist, and even a private concert at Sam First.

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