Lost n Found Band Concert Review, Kelowna BC

A beautiful Saturday evening, a gorgeous West Kelowna mountainside winery setting, and one talented country band: it made for a memorable summer evening as The Lost n Found Band took the stage at Grizzli Winery and played a stellar 2 hour set of covers and originals. The band consists of lead singer Jordan Dubyna, guitarist/vocalist Mitch Glanz, mandolin player Zach Glanz, bassist Andrew Glanz and drummer AJ Carlson.

They’ve been together a scant three years, but play as though it were thirty, probably through their interwoven family connections. Firstly, the lead singer Jordan possesses a killer voice with a great dynamic range; he has an innate sense of how to build a song. He truly connects with the audience, whether he is delivering a rousing cover tune or an original country weeper that he wrote himself. Secondly, the band and singer operate as a single cohesive unit, generating both energy and emotion. It’s as authentic and moving a musical experience as one could wish for.

They’re a skilled cover band, with a pleasing repertoire of such country classics as “Six Days on the Road”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Take It Easy”, and “Five O’Clock Somewhere”, but then they are capable of quietly surprising an audience with a tender and moving rendition of Jacob Bryant’s “Sometimes I Pray”.

With a sound strongly reminiscent of Steve Earle, these fellows can play and sing with the best of them. I’d love to hear what Lost n Found Band could do with “Copperhead Road” or with the Robert Plant/Alison Kraus cover of “Killing The Blues”.

Their originals are both good and original, delivered with heart and soul. They’re aren’t many at this early point in their career, but songs such as “The Day Before You” (a great title, btw), “Sleeping Alone”, and “Everyday Woman” convinced this writer that the band has only begun to explore their songwriting potential.

Check them out on YouTube for their tail-gating videos, or look for their singles featured on Apple Music and Spotify.