Pablo Dylan Releases New EP ‘Solitude’

Courtesy Sony Music Entertainment Canada

Modern day folk-rock musician/instrumentalist Pablo Dylan has just shared his new EP Solitude, marking his first release with Columbia Records. The 5-track project is an acoustic body of work inspired by and created during the early days of the worldwide pandemic. Listen to the streamed samples above. Drawing musical influence from Blind Willie McTell, Hank Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Rachmaninoff, and more, Solitude reflects on the early days of lockdown amid the onset of COVID-19 and includes focus track “All That Lasts,” which finds Pablo singing about wanting to protect a loved one during times of uncertainty. See full tracklist below.

In speaking about the EP, Pablo says: “Solitude  is an acoustic body of work inspired by and created during the early days of the worldwide pandemic. It was written right after I got off tour and returned to a different world from the one I had left behind. It’s about remembrance of the way the world used to be and how the ghosts of the past imprint themselves upon us. I was inspired by the circumstance of the age and the removal of the normality of the social function from our lives. As always, I was inspired by the immortal blues men of times past.”

Solitude is Pablo’s first project to be released from a series of three EPs that, as a whole, comment on current events, civil rights injustices in America, and the hopeful rebirth of society. Titled Behold, Behold ‘Tis Autumn, Pablo describes the forthcoming collection: “The three EPs are my interpretation of the times. The first one, Solitude, is a reflection on loneliness and remembrance of previous times. The second one, Fortitude, is my analysis of fear, strength, and revolution, and what happens when those images of the past come back to life. And the third one, Renaissance, is about the eventual rebirth that upon collapse soon must follow.”

Solitude EP Tracklisting:
1. Before The Plague
2. All That Lasts
3. Behold Behold ‘Tis Autumn
4. Strands Of Time
5. Seasons Of Hell

About Pablo Dylan:

Modern day folk-rock musician/instrumentalist Pablo Dylan grew up with music at the center of his life. He discovered his own passion for the art at a young age and possessed the ambition to make his mark on the world just the same.

In his early teens, Pablo focused on finding his voice and experimented with a number of musical styles. He continued with a string of one-off record releases in the years to follow. He also earned production credits in collaboration with artists like Erykah Badu, A$AP Rocky, and Brent Faiyaz. Pablo soon grew disillusioned with the highly-influenced process of creating music simply with focus on sales projections instead of artistic integrity. So, he took a break from releasing music, locked himself in the studio and thus began his journey into a new-found sound.

He has discovered his own unique sound born from experimental, ambient, and classical music. On his debut album, entitled Notes from Columbia, Pablo introduced an introspective and luminous rock/alternative sound. Born out of experimentation, the project is layered with dark, moody sounds, heartfelt melodies, and lyrics about personal experiences. He builds on this sound with his latest EP, an acoustic body created during the early days of the worldwide pandemic.