Willa Vincitore ‘The Only Love I Need Is Yours’ Review

The New York State Blues Hall of Fame member and independent singer/songwriter Willa Vincitore has just released a new single. This heart-rending song, entitled “The Only Love I Need Is Yours”, is a stirring power ballad that calls upon her husband to provide the lyrical creative influence as her muse. Her total unwavering devotion is laid bare in the lyrics which contain a joy that is divine. Well-placed gospel background singers reinforce that purity of feeling.

The expert cast that meshed so well on Willa’s 2017 album Better Days are on board for this pandemic project that fits snugly in Willa’s comfort zone. Lee Falco is back on drums, but he has passed the executive producer duty to Manuel Quintana. Quintana also renders keyboards and percussion assistance. Falco is joined by Brandon Morrison (co-producer/engineer) on bass to constitute the top-notch rhythm section.

Chris Vitarello has long been Willa’s go to guitarist, and he expertly serves the song here. Saxophonist Jay Collins and trumpeter Chris Pasin add depth with their laudable horns, and Will Bryant provides the keyboard backbone.

The intro is skillfully drawn out to build a sense of peace. Willa’s weighty soulful vocal is pleading in nature and testifying in her delivery. Her vocal instrument has a precision that cleanly slices to the heart. The brief guitar solo about three minutes in provides a fine counterpoint. A very pretty song, sung beautifully.