Bob Dylan

Rock of Ages: Bob Dylan, ‘Another Self Portrait (1969-71)’

'Self-Portrait': Bob Dylan's first "rough patch" gets the archival treatment. Fans and obsessives alike will find these unearthed recordings surprising, inspired and beguiling. Is 'Self-Portrait' the most controversial album of Dylan's career? His worst? Hold your tongue until you've heard these recordings.
Pete Townshend

Top 10 Deep Cuts of Pete Townshend

Forget the hit songs and the classics, let's explore a bit further down the rabbit hole. Upend the couch cushions, clean out the cupboards, blow up the vaults, and let's dig into something rarely heard. These are - Deep Cuts.
Rega RP 6

Welcome to the new Vivascene

Welcome to the new look and enhanced capabilities of Vivascene! Over the next several days we'll be making more updates to this major transformation. To say we're excited is an understatement. We truly hope tha...
Living Color

First Steps: Living Colour, ‘Vivid’

Living Colour came out of nowhere in 1988 with the hard-edged funk of 'Vivid'. ' Now, as the band celebrates the 27th anniversary of their debut, Vivascene writer (and longtime fan) Jason Motz re-visits 'Vivid' to see what sets it apart from other hard rock albums of the day.