Vivascene began in September of 2010 with the launch of a series of articles entitled 30 Songs, 30 Years.

After a lifetime of collecting vinyl records, owning an audio store, and devouring every issue of The Absolute Sound, I decided to write about the music that had inspired me over the years. Others joined me – we shared a love of music and writing.

Since our beginning, we have published nearly 2,000 articles. Our mission was always to discuss music that we believed would last, but content volume began to dominate over content quality. In December of 2020 we scaled back and reclaimed our original vision.

We have adopted a new design which enables the creation of Essentials lists from our five areas of interest: Popular Music, Blues, Classical, Country and Jazz. Our goal is to discuss remarkable recordings from all time periods that we deem essential to creating a diverse music library.

Our audience can sample album tracks, as well as Vivascene-curated playlists streamed on Spotify and/or Apple. We continue to write about new music that we think will interest our audience.

All content is original, copyright Vivascene 2021, except for press releases which have been clearly identified as such.

Images on the Vivascene website are legally derived from our Apple Music affiliation, and/or from material submitted to us by media agencies, record companies, and artists’ press kits with the understanding that the image will accompany a review. As such, images on the Vivascene site are considered to be fair use for publication under the Copyright Act. Further use by our audience is unauthorized. We thank you for your understanding.

You can reach us by email: contact@vivascene.com


Brian Miller, Founder and Editor