Buddy Guy ‘Living Proof’ Album Review

One of my favorite blues artists of all time has come out with a new record recently called “Living Proof’.

Buddy Guy is all of 74 years old, and more than a few of the musical greats learned a few guitar tricks from this man, notably Jimi Hendrix. Not for nothing has this man written a new song called “Where The Blues Begins”. Featured guests are B.B. King and Carlos Santana.

Buddy made an amazing album a few years ago called Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues, and it’s still worth tracking down. It featured a few apprentices of the Buddy Guy School of Guitar Playing, namely Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler, along with a great collection of blues tunes including an original of Buddy’s with an all-time unforgettable title Too Broke To Spend The Night.

This man is a legend, and at 74, he’s still got it going on, still got that mojo workin’, and he looms large as an artist that other blues legends look to for their inspiration.  His song catalogue is a treasure house that has often been looted by lesser bluesmen, and his guitar technique still shoots down all the new kids in town. He is a menacing axeman with a tone that has been compared to shrapnel.

Standout tracks here are the title song, Too Soon, and Where The Blues Begins, as well as the instrumental tune Skanky which demonstrates for all time that lyrics are the least important part of the blues.

If you love the blues, if you relish stinging guitar solos, love to drown in soulful vocals, and enhance your romantic tragedies with lyrics that speak from the heart about the troubles that a lived-in, lived-out life can bring, you’ll have ‘Living Proof’ in heavy rotation in no time.